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How to Reduce Sexual Anxiety So that You Can Last Longer in Bed?

How to Reduce Sexual Anxiety So that You Can Last Longer in Bed?

How do I last longer in the bedroom? This is a question that a lot of men ask their sex therapists and as you can already tell, this issue is quite common.

What does the research say about how long you should last in bed? Well, according to one study, 5 minutes seems to be the collective average and is something that couples should shoot for. When I say ‘5 minutes’, it means 5 minutes of penile-vaginal sex.

Now, there are some men that finish in under 2 minutes, hence the reason why they want to know how they can last longer.

Men who finish that quickly may suffer from premature ejaculation and in some cases, even erectile dysfunction.

The people who are plagued by such conditions may experience sexual anxiety and could also affect their sexual performance even more.
I am going to put your mind at ease here by saying that these conditions are more common than you think. In other words, you are not the only one.

That being said, treating sexual dysfunctions like PE or ED may require a multi-pronged approach. This means that you not only think about taking male enhancement pills and medications but you will also have to think about getting yourself into therapy as well.
Here are just some of the notable ways to help you last longer in bed:


This is a behavioral technique that may help you reduce your sexual stimulation during coitus. Masturbation will help you ejaculate, right, and that is the reason why you’d want to do it before sex. Let me explain.

When men ejaculate through whatever means, they undergo a short period of time where they feel far less stimulation down there. This is known as the refractory period and all men experience this after they ejaculate (women don’t have such though).

Change of Tempo

Overstimulation usually can result or is a result of being overexcited about sex. One way to reduce that excitement (just enough for you to not finish too quickly) is to change or reduce your tempo.

What I mean by that is that you should change the pace of your thrusts to help you buy some time. So, if you are thrusting the same way as Rambo unloads his guns, then you may want to slow down a bit.

Do Some Kegels

If the above-mentioned things do not work, that is probably because your pelvic floor muscles are weak. These muscles can help you control your urination and ejaculation and if you are unable to control either of them, you have weak pubococcygeus muscles.

To strengthen them, you will have to do some Kegel exercises regularly. This is a set of exercises that will strengthen the said muscle and the good thing is that it can be done at any time, multiple times a day.


Now, if you still suffer from any of the sexual dysfunctions mentioned in this article, you can turn to medications as a last resort. Consult your doctor and have them prescribe you the necessary treatments.

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