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The Best Baby Carriers for Dads in 2019

The Best Baby Carriers for Dads in 2019

There are some parents that would prefer using a baby carrier as opposed to a stroller and that is due to a number of reasons.
One, a baby carrier would allow parents to have a much better bond with their babies since their little ones will be much closer to them than using, say, a stroller.

Next, the baby carrier would allow you to keep your baby close while you are doing other things, such as doing some household chores, taking out the trash, or going to the grocery store to buy some supplies.

It is also great for exercise since you can bring your baby with you and that your hands are free to do whatever you want while you are outside.

That being said, there are a couple of features that should be present in every carrier. First, it has to be comfortable which means that it has to be made out of breathable or soft material like cotton.

Next, you want it to be versatile in its features, but that depends on your preference. There is nothing wrong with a simple baby wrap, for example.

The third is it has to be durable. You want the baby carrier to last as long as possible so you also want to expect the durability of the product before buying.

You also want to consider how easy it is for you to clean the carrier up since your baby is going to be fussy and they will no doubt dirty up the carrier in no time.

With that being said, if you are on the lookout for some really good baby carriers that are tailor-made for dads, then read through the rest of the article to find out my top recommendations.

Infantino Flip

This is definitely a baby carrier that dads will love. This is a 4-in-1 baby carrier because it allows you to put your baby in different positions depending on their age and weight.

You can use the narrow seat if you are carrying a newborn, the front-facing seat for babies that have relative control of their heads, and the other two positions that you can put your baby in once they grow a bit older. This carrier can support babies up to a maximum weight of 32 pounds.

It also comes with what is known as the ‘Wonder Cover’ which is a 2-in-1 bib that helps protect the carrier, as well as your clothes if your baby starts to get fussy. It is also machine washable which will help alleviate the stress of washing an entire carrier without using the washing machine.

The only downside that this product has, at least for me, is that it is not made of breathable material, so it may not be ideal to use it in the hot summer days.

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One

If you want a really comfortable baby carrier with easily adjustable straps, then the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One is for you (and your baby).

You can put your baby in four different positions. It is so comfortable that the International Hip Dysplasia Institute even recognizes this carrier as a hip-friendly product. To the uninitiated, this means that when you are using this product, your baby will have the full support of their entire body while they are on the carrier.

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