Web Design and DIY

Web Design and DIY

What We Can Learn From Home Renovation?

Get Your Tools in Order

Before starting any web design project, make sure that you have a solid grasp of everything that needs to be done. List down all the things you need. Organize a plan of action.

Just like in a home project, see to it that you have all the necessary tools at hand. This may range from logos, colors and images to project scope guidelines. You can use a paper and digital filing system to keep every detail organized.

Build Bigger Spaces

Below are some of the tips that you can do both in your website design and home projects:
Web Design and DIY

  • Different shade, same color. Combine similar hues in your color palette. This can add visual interest without diverting the focus to other elements.
  • Consistently neutral. Great colors can help efficiently guide people around your website.
  • Concealed storage. Are you thinking of using pop-out or hamburger menus?
  • Custom cuts. Consider a customized background or texture that perfectly fits other website elements.
  • Raised furniture. Incorporate more depth by adding more layered elements.
  • Conversation pieces. Incorporate at least a single visual element which demands the users’ attention. It should be unique to your site and content.
  • Adjacent spaces. Contemplate on how every page connects to the next one. Include great effects like bold color changes and parallax scrolling in order to make transitions interesting.

Accent, Accents and More Accents

How do you design your own room? From furniture location of wall colors, you always make sure that there are accents and focal points. You should do the same with your own website. Landing pages need to have unique aesthetics.

It Is Going to Be Messy

Web Design and DIYWebsite design and home design is not an easy task. The messiness is a part of the entire process. It will help you foster your creativity, and achieve long-term success. Embrace all of these challenges.

You’ll Change Your Mind

Changing doesn’t necessarily equate to mistakes that need to be addressed. Changes represent your growth as a website designer. If you feel like giving a web page or a room a new look, go ahead.  You can begin with simple changes, depending on the current trends.