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Web Hosting : A Simple Bluehost Review

Web Hosting : A Simple Bluehost Review

Are you thinking of hosting your new blog in Bluehost? There are plenty of ways to know if Bluehost is the right web host for you. Feel free to read Bluehost cloud hosting reviews in Malaysia, to check what other users say about this provider.

Below is a short list of Bluehost’s features.

  1. Unlimited amount of email accounts every domain name. You will never lack email accounts ever again. You can easily set up an email account in just 30 seconds.
  2. Unlimited web hosting space. Build as many websites as you want.
  3. Secure options like SSL certificates for ecommerce websites.
  4. $50 Free credit from Google.
  5. 99% uptime guarantee. You may find your website down at times, but it’s very infrequent, and wouldn’t last very long.
  6. Host an unlimited number of websites only for $6.95 each month.
  7. You can register your domain name easily within Bluehost.
  8. Great customer service and technical support via email, live chat and telephone.
  9. One-click installation of well-known content management systems and platforms like Drupal, Joomla and WordPress.

2 Common Bluehost Criticisms

The domain name availability search screen is not user-friendly. GoDaddy ha a better interface. Many people register with GoDaddy before turning to Bluehost.

Domain registration tip: Make sure to set your domain name to the auto-renewal option, unless you are creating a temporary website. The very last thing you would want to occur is to miss out on domain renewal, and lose the domain.

Bluehost doesn’t inform clients of any system updates and upgrades that can result to web pages being down temporarily. Fortunately, these updates and upgrades are infrequent, so it’s not really a problem.

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