The world of web design is constantly changing. In order to keep up with every change, you need to educate yourself regularly. What are your website goals this 2019? Whatever that is, you can surely achieve that by leveraging on cutting-edge trends. Below are some of the important trends you should take note of this year.

  • Particle Backgrounds

Do you have a video background in your website? If this high-quality video background is slowing down your homepage’s loading time, then it’s time to look for an alternative. Why not try particle backgrounds? They are lightweight javascript animation, allowing movement to be enforced as a natural aspect of the background.

  • Mobile First

Mobile browsing has officially surpassed desktop. Our eyes are forever glued on our smartphones and other mobile devices. If you want to capture a much bigger audience, make sure that mobile browsers encounter the best browsing experience. All your pages should load properly even on smaller screens.

  • Custom Illustrations

This 2019, bloggers and business owners will settle for more customized designs. Instead of stock photos and generic-type photography, they would opt for illustrations. Illustrations are friendly and playful to the eyes, and are fun additions to websites. Whatever your brand image is, surely there is a specific illustration style that can match it.

  • Big, Bold Typography

Typography is a powerful, visual tool that can incorporate personality, set tone, and evoke emotion on a website, while communicating significant information. Choose your fonts wisely.

  • Broken and Asymmetry Grid Layouts

Last 2017, unconventional, asymmetrical broken layouts were introduced to the market. Its popularity would continue on this 2019. This trend is for adventurous website owners who think that classic, conventional designs are boring.

  • Drop Depth and Shadows

The use of shadows is not new, and has been around for many years now. 2019 will witness new variations of this old style. Website designers are playing with shadows more, adding more illusion and depth to web pages.

  • Saturated, Vibrant Color Schemes

2019 is the year of colors. If before designers are stuck with the usual, web-safe colors, this year, they would be encourage to explore more vibrant schemes. Have you tried using vibrant, saturated colors in your website? These colors can be very useful for brands wanting to attract more attention, and generate sales.